A neurological rehabilitation is one that affects the brain, nerves, or spinal cord.  It results from an abnormality of the nervous system. 

According to the CDC, more than 795000 people in the US suffer from a stroke every year.  It is the leading cause of disability in the US.

Strokes result from a blockage of the artery which supplies the blood to the brain or from a rupture of a blood vessel resulting in bleeding.  

A lack of oxygenated blood to the tissue results in brain damage.  Symptoms are dependent on the area of the brain affected.

Symptoms may include weakness, loss of movement, lack of sensation, decreased fine motor and gross motor coordination, memory loss, decreased ability to problem solve, and learn new things.

Other disorders treated by occupational therapists include Parkinson’s disease and Guillain Barre.

Neuro occupational therapy plays an integral role in your recovery.

It will help you regain your arm and hand function to be able to perform self-care activities and simple home management tasks.  Each person is uniquely affected by a stroke.

As your neuro occupational therapist, I will perform a functional assessment, develop a treatment plan, and establish a home exercise program tailored to your specific needs.

Other treatments may include skilled instruction in use of one-handed techniques and the use of adaptive devices. Also, preventative treatments are integrated to help you to learn the skills you need to live a healthy lifestyle.