New Age E-Therapy is an online occupational and hand therapy service, which was launched in September 2020. As an occupational therapist with 18 years of experience and a hand therapist for the past 13 years, I noticed how difficult it was for some clients to attend therapy consistently.

Sometimes clients had to juggle taking off time from work to attend their therapy appointments and others were only able to attend when their schedules permitted due to lack of care giver services for ailing elderly parents, lack of babysitter services or transportation issues.

Also, some clients worked outside traditional business hours resulting in noncompliance with the therapy program. This was my inspiration for establishing New Age E-Therapy. Using an online platform to provide therapy services gives access to quality hand care for clients.

New Age E-Therapy conveniently brings therapy to the client to address their needs and achieve their goals.   The focus is on delivering results, so that clients can enjoy the activities that are meaningful to them and resume productive activities.